Our Vision

Gryphlar’s vision is to remain a high-end, low volume manufacturer, focusing on delivering a bespoke product to the customer. 

We aim to be recognised amongst peers in each continent of the world, with distributors in at least the major regions of the UK, Europe, Asia and North America.

Our Misson

Gryphlar aims to design and manufacture high-end audio equipment, predominately loudspeakers. 

Our objective is to create a unique product both in terms of visual appeal and sound quality for a niche market group of high-income individuals, that value quality and want a bespoke offering rather than a mainstream product.

Our products demonstrate scientific evidence of sound quality,
artistic expression and experimental history.

Charles Freeman, the founder and head of R&D at Gryphlar, is an Electronic Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Physics. His passion for music since early childhood ignited his ongoing quest to experience listening perfection. Charles has since the mind 90’s, produced a series of increasingly innovative and unique speakers that have stunned audiophile aficionados. His curiosity, knowledge and excitement grew exponentially as he immersed himself deeply in sophisticated acoustic design as a teenager. With a formal education in acoustics and experience in the manufacturing industry, he was able to realise his dream of fulfilling a niche in the HiFi market which lacked a high-performance product that combined a classical look with a modern design… which resulted in the birth of the FR65-90 masterpiece.